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We Will Make Your House Clean and Fresh

Hand your housekeeping responsibilities to us, so you can spend more time with your family and do other necessary tasks. We clean your home as our own at a reasonable price.

The best house cleaning company in Minneapolis area, Minnesota www.romarina.com

Welcome to Romarina Cleaning!

We are local, family operated house cleaning services provider in Minneapolis, MN. We clean houses since 2007 and our business continues to grow with our satisfied customers. Our web-site is for those who look for reliable cleaners and for those who would like to find good housecleaning tips.

Our Services

We are one stop company, we can assist you in all housecleaning needs. If you need a regular weekly, bi-weekly or once a month service, we are glad to help you.

  • maybe you are moving out and in need of somebody to clean your place. We will do it for you.
  • you are moving in and would like your new home to be cleaned and sanitized before you move in. Then call us.
  • remodeling is finished. Now your house is full of construction dust and dirt and requires a one-time deep cleaning. We will help you.
  • or maybe you have another reason for cleaning service. Still, please call us at (952) 200-2860 and name your project.

Cleaning Tips


Do you have mold and mildew on your shower curtain liner? Throw it into the washing machine with a few towels, which will help scrub it clean, then hang it back up to dry. Yea, that's simple.


Cleaning plates is tough if you let the remaining of food to dry on them. We recommend rinsing your plates right after dinner. Ask your entire family to do the same thing. If the food already stuck to the plates, let your dishes soak for a few minutes before washing them. This habit makes washing dishes easier.

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